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metric prefixes are used worldwide to refer to large numbers
prefix mega is symbolized M
prefix giga is symbolized G
mega means 10 to the sixth power
giga means 10 to the ninth power
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afternoon at a river in Yosemite as presented in a photographic light

photonron on Twitter

thumbnail preview of photo

the mountain valley is the Yosemite. the river is the Merced. the features include the Cathedral rocks and spires. a photograph can only depict certain dimensions of the scene. the descriptor 'as presented in a photographic light' here means that the raw-format image was post-processed to depict the most detail of different color-zones in the image. the resulting vision may here present the trees in a surreal light and the mountains in a blue cast. however, even if the image is a photographically-limited representation of the totality of dimensions and the totality of light that bless this national park and world heritage site, the developed image can depict a unique impression of a surreality of wonder that the photographer has endeavored to recreate from the available raw-format photographic image (captured with a pretty-fast processor via a pretty-fast light).

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