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metric prefixes are used worldwide to refer to large numbers
prefix mega is symbolized M
prefix giga is symbolized G
mega means 10 to the sixth power
giga means 10 to the ninth power
communicate more clearly with metric prefixes
read more about SI (international system of units)
read more about ICAS (integrated chronological applications system)
read AAT ICAS poster about metric terms for large and small numbers

cactus blossom image

photonron on Twitter

thumbnail preview of photo

this image of a cactus blossom features some remarkably sharp detail. you can read this to mean photographic detail, however it is also quite fine if you take heed of the sharp points of cactus needles.

so if you are partial to an image of a cactus blossom then it would be a pleasure to offer you some quality options for some alternative image designs.

so consider putting this remarkable flower image on a mug and drinking from it. or consider displaying the image from a large-format print or canvas.

with this image, you have a remarkable cactus blossom image.

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