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metric prefixes are used worldwide to refer to large numbers
prefix mega is symbolized M
prefix giga is symbolized G
mega means 10 to the sixth power
giga means 10 to the ninth power
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waves exposure 5.4 nanochron

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5.4 nanochron is an expression of a camera exposure of 0.000625 second in terms of a day-decimal figure. although people are accustomed to measures of day in terms of hour, minute, and second; the delineation of day in terms of a decimal and more metric framework has been recognized by many.

in photography, ranges of exposure can encompass many multiples and submultiples of the standard second (s). thus the practicable expression of the duration of an exposure in terms of a whole number is in certain practicable ways limited by the format of the customarily derived second. here are the calculations that i used to name the image:

with this image you have a stunning metrication conversation piece.


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