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flowers of Sequoyah

photonron on Twitter

thumbnail preview of photo

what is this flower that was imaged from the Mojave side of Sequoyah National Forest? at the time of the introduction of this image on, no other image of this species of flower is known by the publisher of this web site to exist on the web*.

a quick look at a few guides (including to wildflowers also did not reveal a clear identification of the type of flower (although it is likely a member of one of the largest families of flowering plants, the Asteraceae [sunflower] family, possibly resembing a member of the pussytoes genus Antennaria, or the pearly everlasting genus Anaphalis).

thus to properly identifiy this flower Ron would like to offer a small or large mug of a image to the first or the first best qualified answer** that identifies the flower in the image. the winner will also be credited on

no purchase is necessary, however the preview images that are displayed at no charge on this web site only feature a small fraction of the resolution of the photo products that are available for purchase. this offer runs until a winner is announced, or until UCN 12012 M36 (AD 2012 dec 31) unless subsequently extended, and is void where prohibited by law, and is also subject to further notice on this web site.

as always, don't poach wildflowers! instead, try taking a picture, or buying an image.

the preview image of the flower displayed on this page may be freely used for scientific or educational purposes as a preview image for web pages or other online resources. if a higher-resolution image is needed for a scientific or educational purpose, then please inquire with Ron.

* although another presentation of the source image first appeared on an web calendar (at no cost to AAT)

** using established botanical resources and conventions, subject to publisher discretion.

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