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metric prefixes are used worldwide to refer to large numbers
prefix mega is symbolized M
prefix giga is symbolized G
mega means 10 to the sixth power
giga means 10 to the ninth power
communicate more clearly with metric prefixes
read more about SI (international system of units)
read more about ICAS (integrated chronological applications system)
read AAT ICAS poster about metric terms for large and small numbers

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a few photos suggest a few categories to highlight:



beach of water reflecting blue sky waves exposure 5.4 nanochron autumn light over a coastal meadow



gooseberries entwined flowers of Sequoyah cactus blossom image
bee and lily in midsummer light


forests and rivers

water drops of a mountain valley forest Merganser in motion over moving water



array of valleys in a surreal light (i) array of valleys in a surreal light (ii) array of valleys in a surreal light (iii)
Yosemite Valley view of Half Dome afternoon at a river in Yosemite as presented in a photographic light El Capitain in afternoon light
Sequoia mountain cloud Moro Rock in cloud mountain view of Sequoia National Park
views of Mosquito Lake and Lake Alpine views of Mosquito Lake cabins across Mosquito Lake



autumn sunset east bay ride along with the clouds bubble floating through sunshine


purchase select image products

items featured on the web store at megaeon dot com are fullfilled by a pro photo lab via links to BuyThisImage!

all of the images here were carefully selected and developed for quality reproduction in the designated print or canvas formats. these images also look great on a small or a large mug. so many times, Ron has been very satisfied with the quality of prints and mugs from BuyThisImage!

not sure about purchasing an image in a larger size? try ordering a regular size print.

the image products featured here are moreover priced to sell. you won't necessarily find these products in a larger store. so stock up on some select image items and tell your friends! your purchase also helps to reflect the use of best practices.


price ranges for photo products

items for less than $13 * (regular prints, mugs, photoprintsforcardswithenvelopes, mouse pads)

items for less than $70 * (enlargement prints, photopostage, {also see partner site for specials on custom photo playing cards})

items for less than $200 * (art canvas prints)

* item price does not include shipping or tax.


details about merchandise

Ron's selection of product sizes and product types for these images was determined primarily to reflect an aspect ratio of 3 by 2, and also to ensure high quality enlargements for the larger sizes. these formats also influence the selection of images for photo merchandising on

as some print industry practices yet reference legacy inch measures, some of the sizes of print or canvas products might be named in terms of legacy inch measures. any such reference to legacy measures however doesn't detract from the quality of the images. yet unlike metric measures, legacy measures are not as readily comparable with other measures.

supposing that many photographic production systems can be configured with reference to millimeter or meter, designers who metricate can save time and improve quality across a variety of typical design scenarios. consumers can also compare different measures more clearly if the measures are metrically related.

Ron says 'way to metricate!' to those industries and consumers who are proactive in using metric rather than legacy measures. serious consumers can also let companies know that metrication can be more valuable and doesn't have to be approached remedially.


shopping for a mug photo product?

because Ron is strongly committed to offer quality image merchandise in ways that can reflect the use of best practices, the following information is provided about mug sizes.

because a scale of fluid ounces cannot be so readily compared with other measures, Ron likes to think of the mug sizes as large or small.

as the liter (as well as the milliliter) is a metric measure, it is readily comparable with other metric measures. throughout the world many people are for a long time familiar with liter or milliliter measures. thus,

the large mug can hold a good 350 ml (or about a third or more of a liter) [legacy size name of 15 oz]

the small mug can hold a good 250 ml (or about a fourth of a liter) [legacy size name of 10 oz]

please also keep in mind that the mugs are quality drinkware or photo collectibles, and are not intended for purposes of measurement.

a modern consumer or merchant can entertain the valuable fact that the only measures that anyone really needs are metric measures! so get to know the liter, milliliter, kilogram, gram, meter, kilometer, and any other metric measures that a serious shopper can really use better!


shopping for photo playing cards?

to help ensure better value for customers of photo products from; the previous offers for custom photo playing cards on will now be subject to the terms stated on the partner web site

as a result, all photo products offered on the web site are subject to fulfillment by (once again, which is the way it was before Ron began selling custom photo playing cards).

additional info

(for purposes of art, quality, or reformat; images may feature post-camera processing, retouching, or illustration.)

these image products are available exclusively from the arts showcase photo store here (fulfilled by BuyThisImage!). (the availability of these image products can however change without notice.) avoid any future price increases by purchasing today.

an e mail certificate of print (or product) number can be provided upon request at no extra charge.

to purchase multiple images in a single order: before completing checkout, return to from BuyThisImage! and then select the purchase link for the next image.

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